Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

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The Fourth Russia-China Finance Ministerial Dialogue held in Moscow on  December 3rd, 2012 was co-chaired by the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Mr. Anton Siluanov and the Minister of Finance of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Xie Xuren.

During the Dialogue, the two sides exchanged views on a number of issues, including macroeconomic situation and policies and measures to promote sustainable economic growth in both countries, global macroeconomic outlook, fiscal regime and tax framework, strengthening international financial cooperation between China and Russia, the agenda for 2013 G20  meetings under Russian Presidency, and bilateral cooperation within other multilateral fora.

Minister Anton Siluanov and Minister Xie Xuren agreed that Russia-China Finance Ministerial Dialogue is an important and pragmatic platform for enhancing mutual economic cooperation. They also agreed that further development of this Mechanism for closer bilateral economic and fiscal cooperation as well as deeper communication  and coordination on multilateral and regional economic issues, are of great significance to the development of the Russia — China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination as well to the regional and global economic growth. The Ministers expressed their satisfaction with the outcomes of the  Dialogue.

On the periphery of the Dialogue, Minister Xie Xuren and the rest of the Chinese delegation met with Russian officials from the Moscow Municipal Government. The two sides had productive exchanges on sub-national fiscal management in Russia.

The two sides agreed that the Fifth Russia-China Finance Ministerial Dialogue will be held in China in 2013.

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