Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Statements of Deputy Head of the Government of the Russian Federation – Finance Minister of the Russian Federation A. Kudrin


Russia To Increase Gas Tax By $5.4B In 2012 - Report

MOSCOW (Dow Jones)--The tax burden on Russia's gas industry will increase by 150 billion rubles ($5.37 billion) in 2012, with more hikes planned for the next two years, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Wednesday, local news agencies reported.

The bulk of the increases are aimed at Russian natural gas monopoly Gazprom, Kudrin said.

Kudrin also said the state will keep the mineral extraction tax unchanged for independent producers.

The tax will increase by 170 billion rubles in 2013 and 185 billion rubles by 2014, he said.


Kudrin: Russian govt to raise natural gas royalty tax for Gazprom

MOSCOW, Jun 1 (PRIME-TASS) -- The Russian government is expected to increase royalty taxes on natural gas for Russian gas monopoly Gazprom in 2012, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Wednesday after a meeting held by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Kudrin said that the government had decided to increase the tax burden on companies in Russia’s gas sector by about 150 billion rubles in 2012, around 170 billion rubles in 2013, and approximately 185 billion rubles in 2014. Collections of royalty tax on natural gas are expected to account for around 80%–90% of these sums, Kudrin said.

Meanwhile, the government has also decided not to raise royalty taxes on natural gas in 2012 for Russian independent gas companies, which do not export natural gas, Kudrin said.